One West Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610

The draw to Rockbottom for me, was their beer selection. They are also a brewery so you can expect some of the freshest beers. Another draw was the Mug Club, hey they reward me for drinking beer, it’s no miles, but will do! Well besides the beer they do have food as well. As it has been a while since I actually visited Rockbottom, I can not remember the details of what I ordered, but here are what I can remember of the top of my head. Forgive me, an excessive intake of beer was always coupled with my meals. I have had their wings, which worked as a meal and I remember having the steak once, which I was not to thrilled with. You know for the history Chicago has with steaks, I was upset. Next time I am in the windy city, I will visit Rockbottom, but most likely for the beers and not the food, unless its wings.

Bella Bacino

75 E Wacker Dr.
Chicago , IL, 60601
Located In the Club Quarters Hotel

Located in the Club Quarters hotel, which I frequently stayed in Chicago, Bella Bacino was a restaurant I would visit quiet often. Since I have “dined” at Bellas so many times I definitely had a list of favorite dishes. The list is as follows, the Calamari and Mussels appetizer, for dishes New York Strip Panini, Penne Bolognaise, and Chicken Stuffed with Asiago cheese. This place is also pretty famous for their pizzas, personally I am not the biggest pizza person but they were good;. I stuck with the BBQ Chicken Pizze. Finally their desserts, there is a Crème brule, Tiramisu and Flourless Chocolate Cake; all are amazing so you can not go wrong. One major plus point to Bella’s is their specials; their chef always has an interesting list of specials each week. One week there was a banana pepper stuffed with different cheeses it was simply amazing. The staff here is probably the friendliest staff I have met anywhere. In addition they always have a great selection of wine. If you stay any where near this restaurant, it is a must visit. The staff itself is worth it.

Mother Hubbards

5 West Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Any place that boasts to have the best wings in town is a place I have visit. In addition if you’re listed on RewardsNetwork it helps just a little. Right on to the wings… AWESOME!

EDIT: I visited Hubbard’s again recently and was completly disappointed in the wings. They were EXTREMLY large and were impossible to eat! They basically gave us half chickens, not a good experience. Since that I am demoting them from two thumbs up. I am leaving the post as is since I had a couple of excellent experiences. I hope this was a one time thing.

They are definitely up there as some of the best wings I have tasted; they were spicy and had a lot of meat on them. I had 1 order for myself and could not finish. Mother Hubbard’s, has a great selection of beers as well. There was couple of local brews, which excited me. As for the rest of the food, I have only had their burger which was a nice portion, just nothing to run home about. There are other little things that make Mother Hubbard’s great; it is open until 4am, so when you get kicked out of the other bars and lounges in the area you know where to go. They apparently also have free wireless access, I never tried this out since the last thing I really care about when having a brew is being on the internet.


50 E Grand Ave
Chicago , IL 60611 US
Phone: (312) 670-6750

After being in Chicago for a couple weeks, I FINALLY was able to find a good spot for sushi. Like many of my previous restaurants, I found Oysy through the RewardsNetwork website. I visited Oysy with a friend who came to visit me on a weekend in Chicago. Oysy had a weekend lunch menu which was extremely affordable and filling. I went with the Steak Teriyaki lunch special which came with Miso Soup, House Salad, Shrimp Tempura, couple of rolls and a little more, which unfortunately I can not remember, but rest assured I will be making the trip back there and this review will be updated. Well it has been about a year since I wrote this review, hopefully I will get back to Chicago so I can visit Oysy again.