Genos vs Pats The Official Showdown

Two weeks ago I went to Zandy’s while fending a cheese steak in Pennsylvania. This past weekend as part of the crazy calorie bachelor party, we stopped in Philly for a few meals. After a night out at the bars in Old City, we decided it was time. It was time to chime in and and leave our opinion on the great debate! Geno’s or Pat’s?

We jumped in a cab and headed over to 9th street and Passyunk Avenue.  In order to leave space for both a decision was made to eat no more then half a cheese steak at each spot. At Pat’s we ordered a cheese steak with wiz of which I had half. At Geno’s we ordered two cheese steaks; one with wiz and another with provolone of which I had a quarter each. I also decided to add hot sauce on all cheese steaks.

Pat’s was the first spot. It was very simple, dim, a bit on the dirty to be honest. The condiments rack had things all over the place. Geno’s on the other hand is bright very clean with their condiments and just seemed organized. Let’s get back to the point thought, this is about cheese steaks not decor!

I have to say the winner was HANDS down Pat’s. It was really no competition for all of us. Pat’s had a better roll. Their steak was juicier and they had more cheese wiz. Geno’s meat tasted dry and there was not to much wiz. Also the Geno’s hot sauce was NO JOKE as it completely  burned my palate. Well there you have it folks.. in my opinion Pat’s is the way to go. I look forward to my next trip to Philly so I can enjoy a full Pat’s cheese steak.

Chipshop Deep Fry that Pizza Please

Atlantic Chipshop: 129 Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn 718-855-7775
Park Slope Chipshop: 383 Fifth Ave. (at 6th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-832-7701

I have been attempting (and I use the term loosely) to eat healthier. With that said, I took a few days off for a friend’s Bachelor Party. His dream bachelor party was a road trip to some of the Tastiest Places to Chowdown as per Travel Channel. Our first stop on this epic road trip was Atlantic Chip Shop in Brooklyn, who were featured for their Deep Fried Pizza.

That is right folks, what you see there a lot of fried goodness. We start with the deep fried pizza. A basic NYC style slice of pizza battered and deep fried served cut up in 2 pieces. Behind it are deep fried mac and cheese. A healthy portion of mac and cheese fried up. We also decided to throw in a plate of fries. Not pictured is the dessert we had…. deep fried Mars Bar!

Now that you might have had a minor heart attack just hearing about this; time for the details. The mac and cheese was bland initially but with a little pepper and hot sauce I really enjoyed. The pizza was something else. I really did not expect much, but much to my surprise it was pretty damn good! I had the first piece plain and was impressed. On the  second piece I threw some vinegar on top for a bit of a kick. Finally the mars bar! This was the deal sealer, simply amazing!

The big question is would I go back, honestly I would probably never go back, but I would highly recommend Chip Shop to others. It is one of those things everyone needs to try at least once. For one day forget being healthy and enjoy.. but make sure you finish with one of their fried candy bars.

Keep checking back as I will be writing about the other stops on what I dubbed the 3 Million Calorie Road Trip.

Mikeys Burger

134 Ludlow St
New York, NY 10002

Ever since Anytime Cafe closed, I have not come across a lamb burger that even compared. Well, yes you guessed it, I have finally found it! Mikey’s is a no frills burger spot. They have various burgers to choose from beef, turkey, lamb and even veggie. Both times I have visited Mikey’s I went for the lamb burger and fries. Take a peek below.. messy that is a sign of a good meal.

Mikeys Lamb Burger

The lamb burger is topped with onions, jalapenos and mint, it is juicy, greasy basically exactly what you want out of a great burger! It is very affordable at $6 and Mikey’s is open until 4am! So next you are out in the Lower East Side partying a night away, make sure to stroll into Mikey’s for the perfect late night snack. and are now

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