Brick Lane Curry House

306 E 6th Street
New York, NY 10003

You might have seen this place on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, and associate it with the Phaal Challenge. Brick Lane Curry House seems to get a fair share of media coverage, for not only the phaal, but their overall menu. I went to dinner with friends actually based on a recommendation of an Indian friend. Hey when an Indian suggests an Indian restaurant it better be damn good! I have high standards before I saw an Indian place is worth a second trip.
The best way to put it, this place delivers! And not to your house style delivery! We asked for a mixed grill to start off. Now I am not even sure if this is on the menu or not, but it was a sizzling platter of tandoori chicken and lamb. If you go order two, this app will go fast there is no doubt about it. In addition to that we had the Lasuni Gobi, which is cauliflower in a tomato and garlic sauce. It is similar to manchurian but I prefer this hands down.
Now on to entrees! One of the best parts of family style places is the chance to just have everything. We ordered the chicken tikka masala, lamb korma, fish molee and phaal. Ok, I know you want to hear about the phaal but you can wait for that one. The fish was simply amazing, this is a must order granted you like fish. I found the chicken tikka masala okay. It was not really spicy at all, and I like a little umph in my food. And finally the phaal. I have to dissappoint you by saying we ordered just the phaal gravy, with the purpose of tasting it and to add it to our food. Yet, I had to give it a try straight up. I took about half a spoon and down it went. WOW!!!!! People say it is like a fire in your mouth and there is no doubt it is. I could never eat a full dish of this. It really had little taste other then spice but, hell if you like spicy food you have to say you tried it.
So lets recap, Indian place with lots of media attention, good food even by Indian standards and I forgot to mention but they also have King Fisher. Add to this service with a smile literally and they get two thumbs up from me, and you know I will be back!