6 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012

A group of friends and I went to Bond St for restaurant week. As usual with restaurant week, I go expecting to eat of the pre-fixe menu BUT I NEVER DO! Once I glance at the menu, there is something that catches my eye; and there was a lot at Bond St.
Originally, I wanted to go for the Omikase, but that was not available unless the whole table went for it. Big BOO!!!! But not problems there were many other items on the menu that peeked my interest. And so here goes we started with the Yellow Tail sashimi and Tuna & Foie Gras. Both were exceptionally done. Foie Gras is always a treat.
Since a buddy and I could not decide on entrees we decided to split the Chilean Sea Bass and New York Strip. Sure this sounds boring and you think, you can get this anywhere! WRONG! These dishes were simply AMAZING! No other words to describe it. The strip was pre-cut, soft, flavorful and at the risk of sounding immature YUMMY! If you do not eat beef, time to start on the strip at Bond St.
Go visit, and you will enjoy!

98 Pounds

824 W 98th St
Bloomington, MN

Having been to many Chinese buffets, it is hard for a new one to stand out. Normally they all have the same dishes, and are an open invitation to just pig out! 98 Pounds is similar to most buffets. Some nice touches include a large sushi buffet and the abundance of sea food.
Since I went for dinner most of the meals were actually seafood, with very little vegetarian options and a single chicken and few beef dishes. My favorite had to be the crab legs and baby crabs! I basically just went crazy with these two.
This was an affordable and very filling meal. I find it hard to give it two thumbs up since there was nothing that stood out and made me say “OH MY I HAVE TO COME BACK HERE!” Good meal, good food worth a trip if you are in the area.