6534 Flying Cloud Dr
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 941-5115

The chances of you finding this place, is slim to none unless you know someone around Minneapolis. A coworker suggested I give this place a shot. It is located by a corporate park in Eden Prairie, MN about 30 minutes out side of Minneapolis.
Kabuki has a sushi bar as a well as hibachi tables. I was in the mood for sushi so the bar as went. I noticed they had happy hour specials Tuesday – Friday from 4:45 until 6:45. Unfortunately, for me I knew exactly what I wanted; a sushi sampler with soup and salad. The chef suggested I order the Nara sushi combo, which consisted of 3 rolls of salmon, 3 rolls of tuna and nine other chef selected pieces of nigiri.
There was a little surprise in the pieces of nigiri; some pieces were filled with wasabi between the rice and the fish. Different but nice touch. Overall, this was a decent meal, I can not say it was a stand out meal. I probably will not go out of my way to go back.

9th Door

1808 Blake Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

One my first night in Denver a friend took me a few others to 9th Door for tapas after a few drinks at Rio Grande. I wont review Rio Grande, since I just ate there, but I will say be careful of the Margaritas! There is a reason they cut you off at three.
Anyway back to 9th Door; normally I would go over the items that we ordered but as is expected with tapas, we had had a lot to order. With that said I prob would just go over the whole menu by doing this, instead I will say that there were some dishes that stood out after the three margaritas (mentioned above) and the pitcher of sangria we ordered.
If you are a cheese fan then you want to give the cheese plate a shot, they have one of the most intense blue cheese I have ever tasted. In addition as a last minute order we had the ribs, which as far as I was concerned was the best item of them all. Everything we had was excellent, but those 2 items were my favorite dishes.


184 Spring St
New York, NY 10012-3605
Phone: (212) 343-1445

This place really deserves, two thumbs up! The food was excellent, the service great, the wine amazing, so what went wrong is your question?
I will take the blame on this one, L’ulivo does not accept credit cards! Seems like a minor issue, but when I start ordering wine I just expect to swipe it! Hey I like my points.
Ok well let us put that behind us and get to what is really important. After taking a Saturday stroll through SoHo, I stopped in L’ulivo for a mid day bite. The real reason we ended up here was due to the fact that two other restaurants in the area were not serving food. I was with a friend and we decided to split few items on the menu and call it a meal.
We ordered a Caesar salad, tomato and basil brushetta and the Galletto pizza, which had chicken, pesto and goat cheese. As I mentioned earlier the food was simply amazing. Haven grown up in NYC, I have had a lot of pizza, but my jaw actually dropped upon my first bite.
Truly this place is a charm, but remember to bring cash!

Chino Latino

2916 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55408

If you have not heard Minneapolis has some great restaurants! And to add to my expanding list comes Chino Latino. It is hard to describe the fare here, but the best way to put it is as the waiter described. It is food from the equator. I have to add, with extra flavor. I say this as the few dishes I had here had an extra kick of spice that I did not expect, but appreciated.
I did not have a huge meal here as I was with one other person. Chino Latino is definitely a place to go with a group. I got to try the Queso Fundido and Ring of Fire Roll. The queso fundido was extremely spicy and completely unexpected. I enjoyed it, but be careful if you can not handle head.The Ring of Fire Roll is a sushi roll of tuna wrapped in avocado and unagi. The roll came well spiced there was no need for the typical soy sauce and wasabi concoction.
I really wish I had the opportunity to eat more of the items on the menu as many dishes just jumped out at me. Hey maybe next time, as there will be a next time!