4820 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Enchilada time!!! After a little googling a coworker wanted to go to Pepito’s for dinner and I had to tag along. We pulled up to the restaurant and saw a huge FREE VALET parking sign. Being from NY this is a site to see! This place was already looking good and I had not even gotten inside.
We sat down in and as with all good Mexican restaurants we were presented with nachos and salsa. Warning: The salsa has a kick! It was totally unexpected but you know I enjoyed it. After looking through the menu, I decided on enchiladas. What a surprise I know? I got the Enchiladas Mexicana with chicken.
The sauce they topped of the enchiladas with was amazing. I could just drink a cup of it. Ok that is a little overboard but you get the idea. The meal itself was not huge, but filling and of course tasty. I am not really sure what else to say but I enjoyed my meal and will probably make another visit in the coming year.

Bloomington Chop House

3900 American Blvd West
Bloomington MN, 55431
Located in the Hilton

A coworker took me out to dinner to Bloomington Chophouse and boy was my coworker on point with his selection. I have to dive right into things. We started the meal with the seafood sampler appetizer for two, which consists of king crabs, oysters, jumbo shrimp cocktail, crab salad, and lobster. This is a seafood lovers paradise! Each item was extremely fresh. Personally, I enjoyed the lobster of all the options.
Since we started with seafood, I went for a steak for dinner. The waitress recommended the NY Strip, medium rare, as that it was. They also one of 4 sauces with your steak, from which I choose the truffle butter. Kudos to the chef! The steak was excellent, well flavored, the sauce was actually useless.
As usual with steak dinners, we ordered some table sides to compliment the steak. Our selections were mac n cheese and baby spinach. The mac n cheese was amazing and even toped the mac n cheese at Prime One Twelve.
Since I will be in the area for the next year, I can see myself going back to Bloomington Chop a few more times.