Pazza Notte

1375 Avenue of Americas, New York 10019
Btwn 55th & 56th St

This is a story of one of those meals, where you can expect the unexpected. Here is how it all began. The idea was to grab a quick cheap bite after a day of work with a coworker. As we steped out of the office it started to pour, so we quickly ran into Pazza Notte which was across the street. Now guess where exactly I work?
We walked in and realized this place was not going to be cheap.. BUT they have 2 for 1 martinis. How can you possibly say no to that? Yeah well we could not. So instead of sticking to our plan of being cheap we decided to go all out and enjoy Pazza Notte to the fullest!
We started our meal with a chocolate martini and brushetta. Both items were a great way to start. As we quickly took care of the chocolate martini we moved on to a blood orange martini. Now I wish I could tell you what is in this, but the when we asked the waiter about it, he said it is really good so with out any more questions we ordered it. It was pretty good, really good not so much.
My coworker and I decided to order the same entree Linguine Ai Frutte Di Mare. I must sound so sophisticated just saying it! Linguine with seafood in white sauce. Well there was a choice of Red or White, but seafood goes best with white sauce in my world. This dish was paired with a lychee martini, which was so amazing we had about 3 more later into the night! We had nothing but great things to say about the main course as well.
This meal was quiet the suprise. I did not expect to go out for a meal which would even make the website. I really saw myself going to Ray’s Pizza grabing a slice and calling it a meal. Meanwhile 5 or maybe 6 martinis later… we had an amazing meal none of us regreted!