Ma Soba Sushi

156 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 973-6680

Ma Soba claims to be Boston’s best sushi. Well I can say this much there is no competition to begin with. Boston a city that has some of the greatest seafood, is not known for nor ever will be known for sushi.
Regardless, I decided to give Ma Soba a shot. I do have to give this place a great deal of credit. We came in with a group of 20-30 people! They accommodated us with out a problem. They were even willing to split the bill up into smaller groups so it was easier for us. Try that in NYC! Good luck!
I basically shared a lot of different roles with a group of people. I did not order I just tried a little of everything that was at the table. Will I say this is Boston’s best sushi…. MAYBE but like i mentioned what am I comparing too? In general I have had better sushi, but I would not say this is bad sushi at all.
But any place that could take care of such a large group with out messing up a single order deserves two thumbs up!

Puttanesca Italian Restaurant

859 9th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-4177

A friend has had couple of dinners previously at Puttanesca, and for that reason she decided it was the perfect spot for a dinner for our friend’s birthday. I will give this place a load of credit to begin with. We had reservations for 8:00pm and they held our reservations until 8:45 when we arrived. I am not a fan of arriving late, but it was extremely generous of Puttanesca to actually wait for us.
As we were seated we were given brushetta and bread, it might not be the most exotic or special thing in the world, but dam it is great to sit down and have food right there for you! Since we were late, and starving we quickly ordered calamari to kick things off. I honestly can’t say they were anything special, but it hit the spot!
The entrees set this place apart. Some of the meals ordered at the table included Bistecca alla Griglia (Sirloin steak), Costolette d’Agnello (rack of lamb), Branzino Marechiaro (striped sea bass w/ mussels) and Pollo Parmigiana (chicken parm). Except for the rack of lamb, I did take a taste of the all the dishes and everything was exceptional. I had sea bass w/ mussels and was thoroughly impressed.
Puttanesca is a great spot for group dinners, you can expect great service and an impressive meal – and the best part, the prices are extremely affordable. I am not sure if I can praise the place any more, it is worth checking out.

Waterfront Crabhouse

2-03 Borden Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 729-4862

I have been a few times, especially since it is walking distance from home. For tonight a buddy and I decided to check out the crabhouse, mainly because we were in the mood for their surf and turf special. We actually did not even look at the menu this meal. We know we wanted the surf and turf and just needed to figure out what to get as an appetizer. The waiter suggested a softshell crab, that was fried with spices. It sounded good enough and we went for it. It was a great way to start our meal. As mentioned our main meal was the surf and turf. It consists of 3 lobster tails and a filet. The one issue I have with this dish is that it is served on a sizzling platter so your steak will come a slightly over cooked. I wanted a medium steak so I ordered a medium rare. The steak itself was slightly bland but then again I am spoilt after Prime One Twelve. The lobster tails came stuffed with crab as well. For a total of $31 you can not complain about the meal. This may not be a high end meal but for the price and value I thought it was great! Its close to home so I will be back!

Sylvano South

124 Collins Ave
Miami Beach FL 33139

The original plan for the night was to have a Greek meal at Taverna Opa. We had a group of 16 guys so we made reservations, but when we arrived, it clearly made no difference, as we were told we would have to wait for about 30 mins. The place itself was a mess, with people dancing on the tables where their food was. Well, ok I PROMISE next time in South Beach I will give Taverna a chance, but this review is not about them.
Not in the mood to wait for Taverna, the group found Sylvano around the block, which could seat us immediately, and so began the night. The plan for the night included going to Prive which turned out to be next door to Sylvano, making Sylvano the ideal spot to start the night.
Looking at the website, the menu does not seem complete. I had a seafood pasta dish, as I normally seem to find at Italian restaurants. It included muscles, scallops, shrimps and calamari served over spaghetti. It was a good dish that was not very heavy, perfect for a club night. Others I was dining with had their Chicken Marsala special and everyone seemed to love it even though it was way too much to finish, even for the big eaters!
This place may not be the best Italian, but if you are in South Beach looking to the hit the clubs at night, I certainly suggest, checking out Sylvano as you can get in and out pretty quick.

Prime One Twelve

112 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

In Miami for a friend’s bachelor party, the first night the plan was to have a meal at Prime One Twelve. Before going, I read a lot of reviews and they all seemed to give the same impression, slow service, really pack place; so with all that the decision was to have an earlier meal on a Thursday night. I would say this was a great decision as we a phenomenal dining experience.
We arrived and were promptly seated, sure the seating was a little tight, but hey I am from New York, so this is more of a norm for me. After taking some time to look over their menu we elected for a half dozen oysters, foie gras and jumbo crap cake to start with. All three dishes were amazing, but if I had to pick a favorite of the three I would go with the oysters. This was also the first time I ever had foie gras. I actually did not even know what it was before this experience and even though I liked it, after learning how foie gras is made I don’t think I would order it again anywhere.
Now for the important part of the meal; the steak. I ordered a 14 oz. New York Strip medium rare, and added a side chimichurri sauce. To accompany our steaks we also got the roasted garlic mash, five cheese truffle MAC and grilled asparagus. The MAC was out of this world, it is something I could come back for as a meal itself! Back to the steak it was made really well. The steak was nicely flavored, leaving the chimichurri sauce unnecessary.
This was an exceptional meal. The service was really good and our waitress was extremely friendly. It does not matter what all the reviews say, this is a must try if you are ever in Miami.