Union Oyster House

41 Union St.
Boston, MA
(617) 227-2750

Union Oyster House has the distinction of being the countries oldest standing restaurant, serving food since 1826 in a building that dates back to the 1700s. Many notable names have graced this establishment such as Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin. For me the history was the draw. Walking into Union Oyster House, it was apparent they have tried to maintain the look and feel which was great to see. The booth we were sited in was pretty tight for even two people, but ok I can deal.
To start with we ordered a half dozen of the Cherrystones and Little Neck oysters. I have to be honest I was not really impressed. With a name like Union Oyster House located in a city like Boston that flourishes with seafood, I had really high expectations. For my entree I had the Seafood Newburgh, which was lobster, shrimp, and scallops in a really rich creamy sauce over rice. Even though it seemed like a heart attack special, there was some excitement in the dish.
One major downfall of this place is the service. Here are some examples of the “exceptional”(SARCASM GALORE FOLKS) service. The waitress had to come back to ask me what drink I had ordered since she forgot. Between our appetizers and meal there was a huge gap as well. The one thing that I am surprised I didn’t make a stink about, I actually ordered the Lobster Newburg, instead of the Seafood Newburg! I was in the mood for lobster not shrimps and scallops!
This place is worth checking out due to the history. I have read many great reviews for Union Oyster House even Boston locals, so maybe it was just an off night, but I was not really impressed with the food and service.


241 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 248-6800

Staying on Long Warf in Boston, one night a colleague and I decided to walk over to North End in the search for dinner. Walking up and down Hanover, Bricco seemed to stand out from the rest and since there was no menu outside, we decided to go in and go for broke.
We started off with a few drinks at the bar, and after a surprisingly short wait we made our way over to our table. Finally getting a chance to look at the menu Bricco was slightly more chic then I was expecting for the night. This was one of those nights I was in the mood for simple pasta and sauce! Instead we started with the calamari, and for an entrée I went for a seafood w/ angel hair special. The calamari was a great way to start the meal. It came with a shrimp or 2 on the side, and was served with a horseradish type sauce. The seafood angel hair dish was interesting… mainly because I did not feel it was angel hair, it was more like thin spaghetti. Not really a major deal, as the dish was excellent otherwise.
I would say we enjoyed the meal as we ended up returning to Bricco twice in the following three weeks. One return was for cordials and dessert and the other a late night dinner, which is a huge plus for Bricco as most other establishments on Hanover were closed by 10pm. On this late night trip I tried the Skate, which I really enjoy but WOW it was a huge piece of fish. I was unable to polish off the dish, I think barely made any damage to the fish! Next time I am in the North End, I will check out other places, only so I have more to compare Bricco to.