Mr. Dooleys

77 Broad St
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 338-5656

It might seem so simple, but bar food always excites me. Bars seem to have various twists on casual dishes that always seem to be interesting. Looking at Mr Dooleys menu proved to fit the bill. They had burgers named for the republican and democratic presidential candidates, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. Since it is a while since I latest visited as I am writing this, I can not remember the details of each burger, but I do remember having the Hillary Clinton burger and enjoying it! I think it had blue cheese and hot sauce which is probably why I was really into the burger. I have also tried the lobster roll which was acceptable here. We stopped in a few times for a lunch and enjoyed the quick service which is notable. Hey you know this place was a favorite while in Boston, due to the fact I visited 3-4 times in 6 weeks.

Kingfish Hall

188 Faneuil Hall Market Pl
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 523-8862

As you may be able to tell, a lot if not ALL of the Boston restaurants have been written few weeks after I left Boston during my early 2008 catch up phase. With that said, I am listing King Fish mainly because I do remember liking the place and I want to remember to come back here the next time I visit Boston.
I went in to King Fish for a quick lunch so there was not much to the meal other then work discussion. I know you do not really care for details of the conversation but I can mention I had the seafood skewer, which was a good meal for a lunch meal. It was not to heavy and tasted amazing.
If I don’t get a chance to visit King Fish Hall again, I will make sure to visit another Todd English restaurant, since he does have many in NYC.

Grill 23

161 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

One of the greatest aspects of my job is that I often have the opportunity to dine at places, which I might not normally on my own for various reasons. Grill 23 requests that men wear jackets when dining; something I am not really a fan off. Lucky for me, working in Boston I found myself in suits daily so dining at Grill 23 after a hard days work was no big deal.
I have to say, having been to many upscale fine dining restaurants Grill 23 will always stand out in my mind, most probably due to the people I dined with and the exceptional selection of wine and food!
Being that Boston is known for its seafood my starter was a pretty simple decision. I had to give the Island Creek Oysters a try. The oysters were great as they had flavor but did not have the sandy taste, which will quickly turn me off from oysters.
Looking for a main meal was difficult since there are few cuts and sizes of steaks to choose from. After much deliberation I settled with the New York Strip. On a side note, I always find it so weird when I order a New York strip outside of NY! Do not ask me why, as I will never be able to give you a reason. Getting back on topic, I can’t praise the steak enough! Great taste, perfectly cooked as I like it, a great cut, what more can you want? How about a side of asparagus as the perfect compliment to the meal? In addition to the asparagus we had the broccoli gratin and mashed potatoes, all three of these sides were excellent.
I wish I could speak a little more on the various wines that we had with dinner, but unfortunately I am not even sure what we had except for the ice wine which we ordered along side dessert. If you have never tried ice wine, I strongly suggest you do, it makes a great after meal drink.
Well, with all that said, looks like next time I am in Boston, I am going to have to suit up to have another meal at Grill 23.