Zuma’s Tex Mex

1 Faneuil Hall Market Pl
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 367-9114

Sometimes I question why I even write up some restaurants. Well with Zuma the point of this review is to remind myself never to go back! The staff was bland; food was boring and really nothing exciting about this place at all! As I normally do at Mexican, or as this place is classified as Tex-Mex, I went for the chicken enchiladas. Snore, boring! I felt it was canned sauce with old cheese! I really have nothing more to say, there are better options in Faneuil Hall.

Plaza 3

1 S Market St # 101
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 720-5570

Sigh, I think I might one of the major dining taboos here. Lets just jump right in to it. I went to Plaza 3 on a night I was not in the mood for a steak. After looking over their menu which took me a while to decide on what I really wanted I decided to go outside the lines of a traditional steak house and try the lamb chops. In general I am a huge fan of lamb chops, and brag I make some pretty dam good ones! Regardless I was far from impressed with the lamb chops at Plaza 3. First off they were cold, yet burnt! Not sure how that happened but what a terrible meal.
I have decided that should I ever come back to Plaza 3 to a steak and nothing else! The only reason I gave this place a thumbs up and thumbs down is because I stopped by on another night for dessert and enjoyed their crème bule, plus I felt they deserved another chance. Next time steak it is.


250 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10003

Well this review is two months overdue. I entered Barbounia, real randomly walking around Union Square looking for a place to have dinner. I was instantly impressed with the decor, and ambiance. Most impressive was the quality of service. We were seated immediately, and a waiter came up to us right away asking if we wanted a drink to start with.
To start with, we had a sampler of the three spreads w/ pita and calamari. Both were great dishes to start our meal, but I was honestly excited for the mail course. I went for whole grilled Branzino. This is actually the usual when I visit Sabry’s. The fish was well made with a great amount of flavor. I am surprised at Middle eastern restaurants, with their ability to infuse such flavor into fish! HOW IS IT DONE?!
Keep in mind, this place is slightly on the pricey side though. I was not expecting such an expensive meal, but oh well can’t put a price on a great meal right!