Saigon 48

234 W 48th St,
New York, NY 10036

The beauty of Manhattan is the options you can have during lunch. I feel like it is possible to eat somewhere new everyday. On this day for lunch a friend decided to check out Saigon 48, on 48th St and 8th Ave. We walked in around 130pm and were promptly seated, which is key for lunch. Before even leaving my office for lunch I took a look at their menu online via menupages, so I knew exactly what I wanted. Saigon has a lunch menu with many options all for somewhere around $7. As for my pick itself I went with the Pho. It has been a while for me, but I had the craving. This dish actually seemed to be larger then most other Phos I have ever had. Needless to say I was not able to finish but did enjoy the portion I did. Aside from lunch, they have a decent size menu and this place is worth a shot for dinner as well. Everything is very well priced, large dishes so you can not really go wrong.

Curry Leaf

99 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016

DINER BEWARE! If you frequent my site (wait does anyone ACTUALLY frequent this site, if you do please shoot me an e-mail, I want to hear from my fans.)… as I was saying; if you do frequent my site you know that I hardly hand out two thumbs down to restaurants. Well boy are we in for a treat tonight folks! Curry Leaf located in Murray Hill is a recipient of the TWO THUMBS DOWN! Lets make this short and sweet.
Aloo Chole Chaat: ok
Tandoori Vegetable Appetizer: blah.. seriously you can not just throw EVERYTHING in tandoori spices and expect it to taste like chicken!
Paneer Makhni: BOO .. bad.
Aloo Dum: Ok.. the gravy was good but the aloo bad.
Mater Paneer: ok now how you mess this up is beyond me!
Gulab Jamun: HORRIBLE, I didn’t even try it, it just looked bad.
There are many other restaurants to choose from in the area, you will have better luck with any other.
To those, who had the misfortune for dining with me this night, I apologize! Hell I should close down this site for choosing a place like Curry Leaf.

Jackson Diner

37-47 74th St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Jackson Diner has been a long stand tradition in Jackson Height as has it’s neighbor Dehli Palace. As a child I swore off Jackson Diner. I had few bad experiences that left me with a sour taste; well in on case no taste since my food never case. Well to be fair, the past is the past and I am older, wiser, more mature (some may question this), and so I made a trip back to Jackson Diner. I went in for a weekday lunch buffet and was presently surprised. I was greeted by friendly staff and as should be with Indian buffets, I was promptly seated and was off to the buffet. The selection of items in the buffet was normal, with the addition of fresh dosas. One major plus point was the turn over of buffet here. Being such a large place, Jackson Diner was not packed, yet they had a good crowd leading to the food at the buffet turning over a decent rate. I would be confident in saying each tray was sitting outside no longer then 20-30 minutes, with the butter chicken, probably even less. For a trip back it was an excellent experience and next time I am in the area, I might find it a struggle to pick between Dehli Palace and Jackson Heights.

Cafe Henri

1010 50th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

It is not really the first time I have visited Cafe Henri, I actually frequent the place. It is close to home for me, and has some great items on their menu. When I am sitting at home and really want a good meal there are two items on Cafe Henri’s menu I can always go for and they are the Muscles or the Hanger Steak. Both are excellent selections and as long as you are a fan of muscles or steaks you will not be let down. The place itself is kind of tight, and in the summer it can get really hot inside even with their portable AC. Regardless, I order and will take the food home. Their crepes are amazing as well. I normally go for one of the breakfast crepes on a Sunday morning (read as it is really 2pm, but I just got up and have a hang over!). Finally when you do go MAKE SURE you get the pineapple juice, its the one thing I make sure I always get there!