Dan Kelly’s Bar and Grill

212 South 7th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402

If you going to an Irish Bar for lunch is not your thing then perhaps Dan Kelly’s is not a good idea. On the other hand you will be missing out on a great selection of sandwiches. This review is slightly (over one month) delayed, but let me tell you the one thing that really stuck out in my mind from Dan Kelly’s is that I was unable to really decide what I wanted. There were so many great options on the menu. Eventually I went with the buffalo chicken sandwich, which had a nice kick and great flavor. The service was speedy which is always a plus when going out for lunch. I must say it was tough to avoid their selection of beers as well..too bad it was lunch time!

Nami Sushi

251 1st Avenue North,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nami Sushi was a recommendation of a coworker for a team dinner. And wow was my coworker on point with this one. Being an avid fan of Japanese food, not sushi alone, I normally find it difficult to make a decision at Japanese restaurants. To my delight Nami Sushi offered combination plates with entailed options such as Teriyaki, Sashimi, Tempura. I choose a Chicken Teriyaki with Sashimi combination plate. The plate came with a Salad with Ginger dressing of course, a favorite of mine when eating Japanese, a miso soup, chicken breast teriyaki and 7 pieces of Sashimi. Talk about a tasty filling dish. The sashimi was fresh, chicken soft, and overall made a great meal. This is a spot to check out for a nice (probably expensive) dinner out in Minneapolis.

Peter’s Grill

114 S 8th St
Minneapolis, MN 55402-2815

When you enter you can clearly tell Peter’s Grill have been around for many many years. It also seems like the place to get good old American home cooked food. We stopped in for lunch and noticed they had a different menu for the day of the week. This was great to see, knowing you could come here daily and find some change. I wanted to keep it simple and settled for a grilled chicken sandwich which was pretty good. Honestly there is not much more to say, but if you are in Minneapolis give this place a shot for lunch.

Brothers-In-Law’s Bar-B-Que

503 Freeport St
Houston, TX 77015
(714) 453-2676

Being in Houston, and in Texas for the first time, I had to get my hands on some real southern BBQ! Based on a recommendations we decided to give Brothers-In-Law’s Bar-B-Que a shot. Brothers had a really great combo meal which come with a number of meats depends on the combos. The options of meat were Ribs, Beef Brisket and Sausage. Additional the combo came with sides of your choice. Since it was lunch time, I felt that a combo of 2 meats with the ribs and brisket was all that I really needed.
It did take a while for the food to come but that can only make me hope that it was fresh. When the food came out, the ribs were simply amazing. The meat was melting off the bones, hey I was even able to eat ribs (prob bbq foul) with a knife and fork. Just call me sophisticated. The brisket was different then I was use to. I am used to having brisket shredded style, but it was served as slices. I actually liked this version better and need to get places in NY to go to this style of brisket!
For my first real southern bbq meal I was impressed, I can’t wait to see where my travels take me next for BBQ.

Tiki Beach Bar and Grill

1369 Highway 87
Port Bolivar , TX

Well there is a story to this one. Most would probably ask how does one really stumble across this restaurant in such a random location? It went a little something like this. I was actually in Houston for a friend’s event, and one of this friend decided we should all go and visit Galveston. In description it sounded great, and I could not wait in reality…ehh just not the place for me. In any case the best part of the trip was driving your car onto the boat that takes you over to the island. Since the trip to get the island took us so long from hotel to island, we were famished by the time we arrived on the island and the only thought was FOOD! We saw Tiki Beach Bar and Grill and decided it would work for us.
Boy did it work out. The waitress mentioned that they are famous for their burgers, and what stood out on the menu was the crimp burger. It was a combination of crab and shrimp burger! Once we found out what it was, it was what everyone went for, and it was an excellent pick. Additionally we had other items such as wings, fries which were all great as well, and this not just the hunger speaking. For me Tiki Beach bar and Grill was the saving grace of the trip to Galveston, at least I have another 2 Thumbs restaurant to add to the site.