Amarit Thai

328 E Lake Rd
Palm Harbor, Fl, 34685

I may have said it before, but Thai food is not really my favorite. I do enjoy it, but maybe I am just getting bored of it.  With that said, off to dinner to Amarit Thai.  I met up with a group of co-workers who had already selected the appetizers already. There was an order of something very similar to shrimp tempura, but wow, definitely something better. As normal, when it comes to Thai, I try to find something a little bit different, then the normal curry or pad Thai. This time; I slightly swayed, as I decided to go for the red curry with shrimp and chicken. When the portions came out, I was certainly surprised to see such large dishes, and I had ordered one dish for myself! The curry came with a side of white rice. When ordering, I did ask for my meal to be mild (not spicy) and that it was exactly. I could have used a little extra spice in hind sight. Perhaps next time I will be asking for it medium, since I know I will be going back to check out other items on their menu.

Daddy’s Grill

3705 Tampa Rd
Oldsmar, FL 34677

After a long day of work, a coworker and I decided to give Daddy’s Grill a shot. As we walked in I was slightly confused, not sure if this was a bar, fine dining, or diner. After we were seated I got the feel of being a step above a diner. Looking at the menu, I was excited, the menu had Italian, seafood, burgers and steaks, just what I was looking for that night. On the night I dined at Daddy’s grill they had a special of crab cake and shrimps, which I ordered blackened. The crap cake was ok, nothing special, actually I would avoid it if I were go back. The shrimps though, are the reason I will end up coming back here. I will simply come back just to get the blackened shrimps. The prices were not too bad, and the portion was actually really good. Daddy’s Grill felt like a home cooking type of environment, so if that’s what you are looking for then this is the stop for you.

Casa Tina’s

369 Main St.
Dunedin, Fl

Yeah! Enchiladas time for me! For some reason I really enjoy enchiladas, I might even go as far as saying it is my favorite food. This time we dine at Casa Tina’s, in Tampa. It is actually located right outside Tampa in Dunedin, but it is close enough. Casa Tina’s had an interesting menu, with items such as crab enchiladas and “Un poco de todo” a do it yourself dish with the various sauces and sides they offer. Even though the crab enchiladas sounded appealing, I went with the regular chicken enchiladas with verde sauce. I completely enjoyed this dish, and liked the spice in the verde sauce. I was with a group of co-workers, and some of the other dishes ordered were Guacamole salad, Un Poco de Todo with chicken, Carne Asada, ceviche and the crab enchiladas. No one had any complaints and everyone finished their plates so I can assume they enjoyed their meals as well. It won’t be long before I am back here to try other items on their menu.


208 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
Between 7th and 8th Ave

In NYC, good barbeque is hard enough to find, but to find a true ‘que’ experience, until last night I thought did not exist. A friend took me to RUB; an acronym for Righteous Urban Barbeque; located in Chelsea. What gives this place a unique dining experience is how they choose to serve the food. You can order by the pound, and have it set in the table in front of you to share. All food is with out BBQ sauce, instead there are couple different sauces for you to top off the food with yourself. For our meal we ordered, fries, onion strings, cornbread, cole slaw (mayo), 1 lb of pulled pork, 1lb of sausage, and 1 rack of baby back ribs. This was a lot for 4 people, but the waiter said it would be enough. The pulled pork and cole slaw was the highlight of this meal. For NYC I think this is excellent BBQ food, but I have eaten better elsewhere in America. I did enjoy RUB and definitely see myself going back especially for the pulled pork and cole slaw.