Churrascaria Plataforma

316 West 49th Street
New York, NY

Churrascaria Plataform stands out as one of the most unique dining experiences. If you have never been to a Brazilian barbecue, you will be in a meal you will never forget. As we were seated we were pointed to the buffet. Since this is the point where most people start their meal the line can be quiet long, during our visit the line actually wrapped around the buffet once. The buffet consisted of various salads mostly veggie and seafood, sushi, shrimps, scallops, squid, various chicken dishes and more. I warn, as tempting as it is to fill up at this stage of your meal, DO NOT, there is a lot more to come. Once you are done with your plate and your appetite has been teased, you will notice a red coaster on your table, if you turn this over it is green and the fun begins. Waiters will come around to your table serving various meats (and couple other surprises) for you to indulge in. Some of the meats we had were, lamb chops, pork lion, flank steak, garlic steak, grilled chicken, bacon wrapped steak, prime rib, and even garlic bread, grilled cheese. Everything was excellent, but the garlic steak stood out to me. This continues until you decide to turn that coaster back to red. At this point you may feel stuffed, perhaps even thinking of the sin of gluttony you may have just committed, but the meal is not complete yet! The waiters will come around with a cart of desserts; they will describe about 10-15 different desserts from which you can choose your poison. There is a fixed price for this fiesta, but keep in mind the fixed price does not included drinks and dessert. This is one meal you must experience in NYC.


600 W Old Country Rd
Hicksville, NY 11801

When 13A opened, I could not be happier as this was originally the home of The Spare Rib, not the worst chain I guess, but a chain none the less. When driving by; 13A seems to give off the idea of being a bar and grill. In actuality, 13A is a mix of a sports bar, lounge, fine dining all in one! When you enter the dining area the focal point with out a doubt is their little living room setup of 2 couches, a coffee table and working fireplace. After that you will notice the plethora of flat panel TVs. 13A’s menu is a mix of BBQ, Steaks, and various bar food. To begin with we had an order of the jumbo cocktail shrimp. I was not completely impressed, but then the previous week I had eaten at Docks so there was an extremely high standard set. I am not sure I would order them again, probably just try something else on the menu. For my entree I went for the 1/2 rack of St. Louis ribs. The meat just fell off the bones. I was actually able to eat the ribs with a fork and knife, that’s right folks no nasty sticky hands after ribs. The ribs came with a side of cole slaw and beans. Dining along with me a friend ordered a steak, and another got a pulled pork and chicken sandwich. Both enjoyed their meals as well. Additionally, I have to mention we went on a Monday night and they had a $3 Blue Moon special. It is great to see a place like this so close to home.

Docks Oyster Bar

NEW YORK, NY 10017
At 40th St.
(212) 986-8080

Oysters so good even a 2yr old will eat them. That should be the catch phrase for Docks. As we were promptly seated on a Friday night at Docks we immediately ordered a plate of the Oyster Sampler. Dining with us was a 2yr old, who we decided to try and feed an oyster to see her reaction. Her reaction was “I want more.” The oysters here are simply great there is no other way to put it. In addition to starting with the oysters we added a crab cake and an order of shrimp cocktail. The crab cake was filled with flavor and the shrimp cocktail be it only 4 pieces were large.
For an entree I was interested in the BBQ Seafood Grill. I was told that this platter is different day to day, but in my visit it came with 4 different skewers, Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon and a White Fish. I was also advised to have the BBQ Sauce on the side, which I will pass forward. The food was so flavorful; I did not see any use for the BBQ sauce. To be honest I found the BBQ to be very generic, without spice so I just stayed away from it and requested their cocktail sauce. Finally to end of with; we ordered a Crème Brule and a Cinnamon Ice Cream. There was nothing special to them, but hey I did not come here for dessert, I came for seafood and I loved it. I will have to go back to try their lobster and fish.

Scruffy Duffys (CLOSED)

743 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(Between 46th and 47th)

Be it after work or late night, Scruffy Duffys is always a great bar to visit and especially to eat. I am not sure what time their kitchen closes, but I always make sure to get there a little early to grab a table, so I can sit down order some of their great wings and enjoy. For years I have said Scruffy Duffys is the home of the best wings in NYC, and I stick by it! Every time I go the wings are just as great as the last time. They have the perfect recipe for their wings; meaty wings, nice spicy sauce, and a healthy portion. Between 2 people an order of 12 wings was more then enough. I have never had anything else on the menu, but I have been with others who have ordered other items and they have enjoyed it. Besides the food, there is many other reasons to visit Scruffy Duffys. First off is their selection of beers. It not a super large selection like Hop Devil Grill, but it is a great selection to please every beer drinker. Finally, if you are a Pittsburg Steelers fan, feeling lost in NYC then you have found your home. Go here during a Steelers game and you might be blinded by the Gold and Black.

Ruby Foo’s

1626 Broadway,
New York, NY 10019

Part of the great BR Guest group of restaurants Ruby Foo’s is quite a charm in Times Square. Be warned, Ruby Foo’s Time Square, is located in tourist center of NYC so when you make your reservations be ready to wait slightly longer once you arrive! Regardless the wait is well worth it. Ruby Foo’s has a great mix of Chinese and Japanese dishes, with an interesting selection of sushi. Like most Asian Fusion restaurants family style is your best way to go about dinner here. For a group of 5 we ordered 3 appetizers and 3 main plates and a side of fried rice. We started off with the chicken lettuce wraps, chicken pot stickers and the vegetarian dumplings. I enjoyed each appetizer, but I must say I asked for hot sauce to add on top of the lettuce wraps. Something interesting about the pot stickers which are basically dumplings is that they are served with out any sort of sauce, but are still excellent. On to the entrees, I guess I was not over my duck kick from Peking Duck House from the previous weeks, so I had to order the Peking duck, along with the chicken teriyaki and the vegetarian bento box. To be honest I would not have ordered the veg. bento box, but we had a veggie joining us for dinner. The duck was great, not as good as Peking Duck House, but still enjoyable as was the chicken teriyaki. None of my fellow diners were fans of sushi, so I did not get to try any, perhaps on my next visit. I would also like to make a special mention of their fried rice. It was vegetarian fried rice, but had a large array of fresh veggies on top, making it one of the most unique and tasteful fried rice dishes I have ever had. Like I mentioned earlier if you plan on going, be ready to wait, perhaps relax by the bar and start of with a drink, or a glass of wine as I did but be prepared for a great meal.