Peking Duck House

236 E 53rd St
New York 10022

There is no way other way to put it, if you enjoy Peking duck, then Peking Duck House is the place to go. It is advisable to go with a group of people who actually enjoy duck, this will probably work out the best. There are a couple of duck meals, which are for groups of 4 or more. I did not have the opportunity to try the meals, instead I just went for an order of Peking Duck, which was a nice size portion, the waiter suggested it for 2 people. They actually bring the duck out and carve it at your table, and then the server each made our first helping. Too bad the server was not around to constantly make us the duck rolls. In addition to the duck we also had a fried whole fish. I did not order too much, but for the 3 of us that went for dinner, it was more then sufficient. Before our meal we did start off two appetizers, which hit the spot. We had an order of the Barbeque beef and one order of the vegetable steamed dumplings. I really enjoyed the complete meal and service at Peking Duck House and can not wait to go back.

Dehli Palace

37-33 74th St
Jackson Height, NY 11372
(718) 507-0666

If you are looking for Indian food in New York, Jackson Heights is your spot. Many will tell you that Jackson Diner is the place to go, but I have always and will continue to hype up Dehli Palace. Normally, I will end up at Dehli Palace when I am in the mood for their buffet, which I would say is one of the best and most unique buffets you will find in an Indian restaurant. During my last visit they had shrimp biryani, something I have never seen anywhere, which was outstanding. Every time I go to Delhi Palace, there seems to be something different on the menu; so it leaves some sort of an element of surprise. From their menu, there has been one item I have loved since I was a kid and that is their Keema (minced chicken/lamb) Dosa. Growing up it was a favorite and that is one thing that will never change.

Stanon Public

17 Stanton St
b/w Bowery & Chrystie
New York, NY 10002

December has been a pretty slow month, since I have not found many new places, but do not worry I keep on trucking and hunting for places to eat. Last weekend I went to Stanton Public for a night out at the bar, but I entered with an empty stomach, which is not a good idea especially at a place like Stanton Public which has an exceptional selection of beers. The real reason I am writing up this spot is because of their honey mustard! That is right, their honey mustard. We ordered chicken tenders and fries which were served with honey mustard and well we just could not get enough of the honey mustard, it was just excellent. The fries were OK and the chicken tenders were actually pretty good. As I mentioned earlier Stanton Public does have a large selection of beer, it does not rival Hop Devil Grill or Croxleys, but might be worth a trip especially for the honey mustard.

Crocodile Lounge

325 E. 14th St
New York, NY 10003

I think I may have stumbled across the best deal in NYC. I say stumble because it was a random Thursday night which some how we decided to goto a bar and without any plans we decided to got Crocodile Lounge. So why is this place the best deal in NYC you ask? Crocodile Lounge gives you a free mini pie of pizza with every beer you purchase. In case you missed it, Crocodile Lounge gives you a FREE mini pie of pizza with EVERY BEER you purchase! And these are not your Pizza Hut Express personal pan size, they are slightly larger. I do not think I could ever see myself eating more then one pie ever. At Crocodile Lounge $5 gets you a draft beer and a pizza pie! Can you get a better deal in NYC? At least I have not found it yet. Suprisingly the pizza was actually pretty good as well, but be careful as they come out steaming hot! There is nothing worse then burning your palatte when eating pizza. From what I have read about the Crocodile Lounge, they give away free beers on Monday nights in a Nintendo tournament, and have Trivia night on Wednesday. I don’t think I can say enough good things about this place just got there!