Lobster House

691 Bridge Street
Bronx, NY

In my 20+ years of living in New York, I have actually never gone out for a meal in Bronx, and even worse, is that I had never been to City Island, which I have heard so much about. On a random Friday night, my friends and I decided to make the trip to City Island to feast at the Lobster House. A quick comment on the area; City Island is a seafood lovers dream, with the amount of restaurants and proximity to the water you know you are going to get some of the best seafood available. Here are some other City Island Restaurants.
The Lobster House itself was huge, we got there on a Friday night around 830pm and were seated immediately. The greatest aspect of the Lobster House is that they have a bunch of seafood feasts, which are meant to be shared between two people. A friend and I decided to share a feast consisting of Lobster, King Crab, Dungeoness Crabs and Jumbo Shrimps. Their feasts are definitely made for two, as we got 2 lobsters, 2 sets of each crab and 4 jumbo shrimps. The meal also came with a salad, side dish (fries, baked potato, rice or linguine) and corn. At $75 for the dish this is not a bad deal at all for the amount of food we got. A friend of mine got the paella, which included chicken, sausage and a lobster. It looked real interesting, perhaps next time I will give it a try. We did end off the meal with their Tiramisu cake. The cake was one of the softest tiramisu cakes I have had and was a great way to end of the meal. I can not wait to go back to Lobster House.

Prime Burger

5 E 51st St
New York 10022

The original plan was to check out Burger Heaven on 49th and Madison, instead so how we were differed to Prime burger on 51st between 5th and Madison. The word is that this is a favorite spot for Sarah Jessica Parker, so you Sex In The City fans, you know where to go. When you first walk in, you might be in a slight state of shock. This is not a trendy little joint; it is like an old hole in the wall diner. One of the most interesting aspects of the place is the seating in the front. It is almost like sitting in the exit row of an airplane; an individual table that traps you in. We missed out on the opportunity to sit there, but next time! The staff may initially come off extremely rude, but that is just the opposite. Since the place is called Prime Burger, there was no choice but to have a burger, and so I did with a mushroom burger. The service was out of this world quick, just the way you like it for lunch. The burgers came out within 5 minutes all cooked to each individuals liking. The one downfall to the place is the size of the burgers, I would say they are slightly larger then a regular McDonalds burger, but far better in taste. If you have an appetite, not to worry since they do have a “deluxe” which includes 2 burgers and a side of fries. To top off our meal it was a friend’s birthday and the staff came out and sang a nice upbeat version of happy birthday. A little excerpt “I don’t know but I’ve been told; somebody is getting old….” If that does not bring a smile to your face I have no idea what will.

53 Gourmet

1302 6th Ave,
New York 10019
53rd Between 6th and 7th

Being close to my office, 53 Gourmet is a deli I frequent visit. The orignal reason for going to this place, was that it was possible to eat something different everyday. Their selection is just uncanny, they have various salads, sandwichs, wraps, sushi, soups, hot buffet style, and more. From my many experiences, I can say their sandwichs are great, they are probably the best choice over the rest of the options. I strongly advise to stay away from the hot food, it has probably been some of the worst food I have ever eaten! The salads buffet is not bad at all, the food there actually feels fresh. The one issue with this deli, I guess its all NYC delis during lunch is that it can get real stressful during lunch at the sandwich bar. If you are one of those that like to sit back and take a look at the full menu, this might cause an issue as the staff is in such a rush. I think this is a great lunch spot but like I perviously mentioned just stay away from the hot food!

Serafina Broadway

210 West 55th Street
New York, NY 10019

The original plan for the night was to go to Divine Bar on 54th and Broadway, but once we arrived one of my fellow diners, felt there was not much he was interested in on the menu, so over to Serafina we went. My first impression of the place was the service is going to be up and down here. As we walked in they told us it would take about 10 minutes for a table, but did not take our name. As you can guess they almost forget we were waiting for a table. In the process of waiting for a table, I asked the lovely lady at the bar for a menu so I could decide what I wanted. Yes, I was insanely hungry that night! To start off we ordered the brushetta, such a simple but a great start to the meal! For my meal I ordered the Farfalle al Limoncello, Pasta in a lime cream sauce with baby shrimps with those who like lamens terms. At the price of $16 I expected to see two pieces of shrimp on my plate, but that was far from reality. The pasta was surrounded by the baby shrimp. It was a great dish and I am really glad I went with it! Finally we did have a dessert, but I was so full from the Pasta that I had one bite and watch my friends devour the chocolate souffle. The service overall was a bit on the slow side, we actually ended up asking different servers for things since our server did not come around that often, other then that the food was excellent.

Anytime Cafe (CLOSED)

93 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

I think its time to hand over the title of best burger in NYC. Honestly, I feel bad taking it away from Creek and The Cave, but Anytime Cafe just gives me no choice. It is easy to miss Anytime Cafe as it is surrounded by huge establishments such as Sea and Galapagos, but once discovered this place is sure to stick out. First off this place is not expensive at all, a meal for 3 people with drinks ran about $65 with tip! To start off we ordered chicken fingers and a hummus plate. Now I did not choose the chicken fingers, but the people I was with said it was a must have. The hummus came out with fresh pita bread and was a good helping of hummus, as I write this I am actually craving it again. As for the chicken fingers I was impressed. They were smaller pieces served with a honey mustard sauce, but had a great deal themselves. Well back to the burger nonsense I began with I ordered their Anytime burger, which is a lamb burger served in a pita bread! WOW! A nice juicy lamb burger, by far the best I have had! Really if you eat lamb, you need to make a trip to Anytime cafe. If you like your food spicy make sure to ask for their special hot sauce. It is called Srug, it is possible the waiters do not even know about it since it is not on the menu, so you have to ask for it by name. Don’t worry I will never demote the burger over at the Creek, but we will keep it as the best burger in Queens, while from now I will give the title of best burger in NYC to Anytime Cafe.