835 Washington St
New York 10014

It has been a while since I have been over to the Meat Packing district, I am not sure why guess I just never liked lines which is what kept me away. This trip though was not for a club, instead it was to dine at Highline. To be honest I did not know that restaurants had opened up in area, I knew there were alot East of 9th ave, but west of 9th ave no clue. And on to Highline. I guess the new style is trendy thai restaurants and this place fits the mold. Dim lights, hoping bar, and an exotic menu. Personally, I am fed up with the typical, red, green, orange, purple, fucia curries, they all taste the same just with a different food coloring! Now when I visit a Thai restauant I try to have something different, something that might make a restaurant stand out in my mind, and Highline had a sirloin steak, which was just what I wanted that night. The steak itself was slightly on a dry side, but was covered with a excellent peanut sauce, which did manage to make up for the slight dryness. Someone in our group did order the striped bass,which was simlply amazing, I think I need to make a trip back for the bass! We did have some appetizers; we ordered chicken Satay and a seafood dumpling type thing. The satay was good, but just that good! As for the seafood thing, which I have no idea what to call it exactly, has crapmeat stuffed into what looked like a fried dumpling. The presentation was A+ and the taste was even better! You will definetly have to find this on the menu! Finally to top it all off, as I got the dessert menu the first item on the menu stood out at me and that is what I ordered a smore chocolate cake! I can only say its was YUMMY! Thats right I used the term yummy! Overall, I was impressed with this place and think it might a great date spot.

Ali Baba

EDIT: Hicksville Location Closed Please Go to the Queens location below.

If you are asking, is this the same Ali Baba located in Queens, the answer is yes. Ali Baba in Queens¬†is my favorite places to get kebabs, and now they have one on Long Island, I could not be happier. I have had almost every kebab on their menu, but the lamb is always my kebab of choice. Don’t get me wrong all their kebabs are great, but the lamb is just so juicy, I can never get enough of it. I will say this much, I only eat the kebab platters, everything else just does not compare to the rice, salad, white sauce and kebabs. That’s right I said white sauce, do not forget to get extra as it is the perfect complement to everything. I do have something to say about the rest of the food, I went the other night with a friend and he ordered the Gyro, and it looked really fresh and not greasy at all.¬† After seeing my friend enjoy it, on a next visit I gave it a try, and it really surprised me how great it was. Looks like I will have to venture to other items on their menu in future visits.
I was searching for the Queens location and I realized this site came up so to aid those looking here is the address
183-10 Horace Harding Expressway,
Fresh Meadows, NY

Croxley’s Ale (International Ale House)

129 New Hyde Park Road
Franklin Square, NY

Croxley’s Ale has 3 locations in New York, 2 on Long Island and 1 in the East Village. I have been to the Long Island Locations many times and each time it has been a sure fire hit! This review is one the International Ale House, Franklin Park location. If you feel the need to call yourself a beer connoisseur this is your place. Their selection of beers is comparable to Hop Devil Grill. For the food, I have NEVER had anything I have not really enjoyed at this place. The wings, nachos, burgers and even their random Lobster special! I would like to point out that they have a Thursday special of Burger and a Beer for around $10! Now you can not go wrong with that deal! Just remember do not order a bud light here.. they DO NOT HAVE IT! Thank god! I am not sure what my favorite beer would be but they normally have Cherry Wheat on tap and some great German wheat beers, which are usually my beer of choice.

Axia Restaurant and Bar

5045 Plantation Place
Mississauga, ON

Axia is a pretty new place, and I have to say there is a lot of room for improvement. This place does not have a liquor license “yet,” how do you name a place Restaurant and BAR but do not have a liquor license. I guess they want to push their expansive list of mock tails, which include various types of bubble tea. Yeah well, I stuck with water, which they conveniently forgot to bring out, but that’s not to important I guess. I started with a Beef Pho soup, which if you have ever had before you know is a huge portion. I did enjoy the soup and wish I had not ordered more food, so I could finish the soup. For our meal we ordered a chicken teriyaki, a spicy salmon roll and the Axia Special roll. The Axia Special roll consisted of salmon, shrimp tempura and asparagus I think. I can not remember exactly, but it had a unique and quite a great taste. This was by far the best part of the entire meal. The chicken teriyaki was OK, nothing to special and the spicy salmon roll, was good, definitely fresh fish. The service itself was not impressive at all. The waitress forgot to bring our water, forgot to bring out the 1 glass of juice we requested and even messed up the bill. In a little time I can see this place getting better, but for now go for the food not the overall experience.

Korean Grill House

214 Queen St W.
Toronto, ON
Korean Grill House is not your normal buffet. You do not need to continuously get up to get your food, but do not worry like any buffet there is some manual labor involved. You cook the food! That’s right you pick the buffet type you would like and they bring out the food raw and allow you to cook it yourself. My buffet consisted of chicken, beef ribs, beef, pork, white fish, salmon and scallops. I think I enjoyed the process of cooking the food over actually eating it. I am not saying the food was not good, it was just being able to cook the food yourself, which lead to a great deal of stupidity in my group. The meal came with rice, kim chee, spicy tofu and other common Korean snackers. I stuck with the meats, and my personal favorite was the beef ribs. The white fish lacked any sort of flavor, so needless to say we did not eat too much of it. Korean Grill House is the first of its kind and I just enjoyed it too much. If you know of a place like this around NYC, maybe KTown please email me and let me know!