146 Mulberry Street
New York City, NY 10013

If you want Italian in NYC, there is no other place to go then to Little Italy, and when there; Angelo’s is a personal favorite. Angelo’s is normally crowded every night of the week until they close and can draw large crowds. Due to the crowd, the servers can be a little rude, they are in a rush at times. At my last visit I really did not even get to order any drinks, but it is OK since I enjoy their food and that is the reason I was there. I ordered the Lobster Ravioli, which came out quite quickly and wow, did it hit the spot. Well the highlight of any meal for me at Angelo’s is dessert, I simply love their cannoli. The rumor is that they do not make them there, but get them from a pastry shop next door. I say who care it tastes awesome, which is all that is important to me! Since this meal was sort of rushed, I really do not have much more to say except, if you are looking for great Italian food, this is your spot, just be ready for minimum service.

Lounge 47

47-10 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, NY 11101

I was taken to Lounge 47 and told it was rated best burger in NYC, and could possibly compete with the neighboring Creek and the Cave’s Veracruz burger. I sat down and ordered Lounge 47’s special Allen’s Hard Lemonade. It is their own version of what tasted like a Lynchburg Lemonade, which was so great I took it down in one sip, and followed it with a Brooklyn Lager. Since I was told the burgers were so great, it would only be fitting I order one, as so I did with sauteed onions on top. The burger came with a chipotle mayo and fries. At first glance my medium burger seemed extra well done, but after my first bite, it was much of a surprise. The burger was juicy and cooked exactly as I like them. The burger was nicely spiced and I will say it does give the Veracruz burger a run for its money. We also had the pork tacos, which were good, but just a little dry, they could have used some sort of little kick. For those of you in Long Island City, you sure have some great selections when it comes to burgers, so enjoy!


119 MacDougal St
New York, NY 10012

There is no other way to put it; Mamoun’s is a staple in New York City. A hot spot for NYU Students seeking a cheap eat, and those wanting a late night snack, Mamoun’s attracts vistors at all hours of the day. I normally will have the felafel or the lamb Shawarma, and at the price of $3 or $4 respectively you really can not go wrong. Warning though, the hot sauce is HOT, do not drench your sandwich with it, you will regret it! I have been here hundreds of times and it is consistantly one of my favorite late night spots, hey I know I have even trecked across Manhattan just to get a shawarma.

East LA

508 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ
Phone: (201) 798-0052

Being more of an outerb kind of guy I have never went to the other side of Manhattan into Hoboken, but now the time has come. On a side note I have to say I did like the area, clean and seems like a fun place to have a relaxing night out. As a friend and I were walking down Washington we came across East LA which seemed interesting, and well to be honest I was in the mood for Mexican food, so this place worked out well. I was impressed with their selection of Margaritas, specifically the Sangria maragarita. Never had one before and I really enjoyed this one. For my meal, after tossing back and forth with the enchilladas, but I went the Camarones Sotovento, a dish of shrimps served over rice. This place was pretty crowded and we got a seat outside, so I did not realize that it took about 25 minutes for the food to come out. The dish itself was pretty good, I am actually glad I did not just get enchilladas, it was something different. I do not think I will ever come back, since there are some many other places to check out in the nabe, but I would tell my friends about East LA. It even seemed like a fun place to just go and grab some drinks in the evening.

Grand Luxe Cafe

630 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY 11530

From the owners of The Cheesecake Factory comes Grand Luxe Cafe initially started in Vegas now brought to Long Island. Perhaps at first view this place feels like it is out of place located in the Roosevelt Field Mall, but if you go in you will be glad it is around. Grand Luxe Cafe offers indoor as well as an European like outdoor dining. I really appreciated the decor here, and it definitely feels like it has been grabbed from Vegas. When the waitress first approached us, she mentioned their portions were “generous”, so I skipped out on the appetizers, I wanted to save room for dessert. As my entree I ordered the Shrimp and chicken jambalaya, it was one of my favorite dishes at Cheesecake, so I wanted to give it a try here. It was served over rice, and had a pork based sauce. Since I skipped on the rice I was able to finish all the shrimp and chicken. While I was ordering my meal I also ordered dessert…yes at the same time, this is because they had fresh baked desserts that take 30 minutes to prepare. I ordered an upside down pineapple cake.. and wow 30 minutes, fresh baked, what else can I say it was amazing! This is one of the reasons I actually listed this place under desserts, since I can see myself going just for their fresh baked desserts.


150 E 50th St
New York, NY 10022
Between 3rd and Lex

I really wanted to like this place. When I walked in I was surprised to see the decor was not that of a typical Indian restaurant. With that said I had high hopes for the place. We seated in a nice private area in the back which had a plasma TV and a curtain. Either we were special or they just hated us. This is about the climax of the evening as it just got progressively worse. To start with this place has a separate appetizers menu, which we got along with a wine menu. As we did not really want any appetizers this was a waste and it took them about 15 minutes to bring us any sort of dinner menu. Once we got the menus it took another 15 minutes before we were able to put the order in. At this point I have been sitting around for 30 minutes and all I have gotten was a bottle of red wine which was warmer then room temperature. I mentioned there was a TV in our dining area, and we requested they switch on the Mets game or any sports channel. We got wrestling IN SPANISH! I do find wrestling entertaining, but during a nice dinner, it just does not fit in well. So after waiting 30 minutes to order food we had to wait about 15 minutes for the food to come out. The food itself was nothing special, you can get similar food at any Baluchis, or any other hole in the wall Indian restaurant. Besides the fact that the service was horrid, this place charges for simple things like chutney and even worse has the audacity to add in a service charge. I guess they know how bad their service is, and see it as the only way to get their staff paid.

Fred Fleming’s BBQ

4351 4th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL

There is nothing like southern BBQ so while in Florida I had to visit one of the many BBQ spots, which is how we came across Fred Fleming’s. We stepped in on a hot Saturday afternoon and there was absolutely no one there, which made me slightly worried. Needless to say we had enough waiters to take care of us. First off beers at this place were about $1 to $2, so be careful, a simple lunch could turn into a binge fest. The waiter told us to go for the onion rings as an appetizer and we did and wow was it a great recommendation. It with a sauce that tasted like a mix of horseradish and thousand island, which I kept for my fries later on. Since I was at a BBQ place, I had to go for the Ribs, I went with a 1/2 rack since it was lunch. They have 2 BBQ Sauces, one was sweet and the other spicy, of course I went with the spicy sauce and just could not get enough of it. As for the ribs the meat was just falling of the bones, I don’t think I have ever had softer meat with ribs. It was great to find such great BBQ so easily in Florida.

Dan Marino’s

121 Second Street North,
St Petersburg FL 33133

I am not sure if you would consider Dan Marino’s a theme restaurant or not. There were screens showing SportsCenter and some Marino Memorabilia around, but it did not give the overwhelming theme feeling like other places. I went on a late Friday night around 10pm and there was no line, which made was great since I was starving! I was actually pretty boring when it came to the drinks this time as I stuck with a simple Corona, although there was an interesting drink menu few unique martinis. Too start off with, we ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fingers and Spinach dip; you might be thinking so far this place sounds like Applebee’s, but rest assure the entrees are the highlight at Dan Marino’s. There is something to choose from in the entrees in various price ranges, which is always a plus. After much deliberation I went with the waitress’ recommendation of the Mahi-Mahi Oscar. On a side note, Mahi-Mahi is NOT related to the mammal dolphin although it is often referred to as dolphin. Back on point dish just sounds fun, and it was amazing as I left nothing on the plate. It came served over rice with asparagus, I cleaned it all. At the end I was full but not stuffed, very content with the whole meal. There are couple other locations, which I hope to visit in my travels.