2-01 50th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

Well you could probably guess I am a sucker for great service, so when the chef came out to help me with my order, this place immediately stood out. Riverview is located 1 stop outside of Manhattan across Gantry Park and has an amazing view of the city. It has a nice upscale setting with a down to earth staff. As we ordered our meals, the chef came out to assist make our selections. If you are saying the place must not have been packed, you are correct, which is a shame. I must say one thing before I say more, the menu I had was slightly different from the website. In addition, I am unsure as to how to classify this establishment, there is no one sort of food they specialize in. For an app, we got the New Zealand Mussels and for a meal I went with the Filet Minion medium rare(Yes, I made the switch!). The mussels were a wealthy portion and were seasoned to perfection. So on to the steak! The filet came with a peppercorn sauce, which I will be craving for a long time. I have never had something so tasteful. The steak was cooked just the way I like it, and the sauce made an excellent companion. There is no doubt in my mind; I will end up here again. Finally, during the meal, the chef once again came out to make sure the steak was cooked to my liking, now that is service at its finest.

Omonia Cafe

32-20 Broadway
Astoria, NY

I have been to Omonia Cafe many times; it is one of my favorite places to grab dessert in Astoria. You really have to appreciate a place whose menu for desserts is almost 4 times the size of the food menu. Besides pastries or desserts they have a unique selection of coffees. I can not really pick a favorite dessert there, because every time I go I try to get something different, but their Baklava was amazing. They are also open late so you can hit this spot after the night out.

Hop Devil Grill

129 Saint Marks Pl
New York, NY 10009

Located in the East Village on St. Marks and Ave A, Hop Devil Grill has one of the finest beer selections in New York City. A friend took me here for beers and I was impressed at their beer list. Besides the beers they do serve food and have great daily special. I would suggest checking their website for their specials as they may change. I have been present for the .25 wings on Mondays, which are up there as some of the best wings in NYC in my opinion. I also happen to stroll in for $1 Taco Tuesdays. You can get beef, chicken or veggie, I suggest the beef they were better then the chicken, and I did not order the veggie. Hop Devil also has a large projection so you can catch your favorite game there.


50 W 55TH St
New York, NY 10019

I visited Kikku for lunch, which is a small sushi restaurant located atop a salon, so finding it might be slightly on the difficult side. As I mentioned it is small so you can expect to be sitting elbow to elbow as well. Their lunch menu has many options for both the sushi lover and not and most meals come with either a Miso soup or Salad. The sushi was good, not the best I have had but at the price one really can not complain. Their service during lunch was extremely quick which is great since this place tends to get pretty packed during the day.


138 W 46th St
New York 10036
Between 6th & 7th Ave

Well finally back in NY, and wouldn’t you know it, I really do not know where to get lunch by my office. A friend suggested we meet at Minar which works well since it is not to far from the office. When it comes to lunch my requirements are usually quick, good and cheap. Minar fits this description perfectly. It is a fast food style Indian restaurant; being Indian myself I have to say the food was excellent. I ordered Chicken Makhani w/ Rice and a samosa and bill came to slightly over $6. The Chicken Makhani was not as creamy as most places make it, which made it perfect for a lunch meal. The samosa was not to oily or spicy, again plus points when it comes to lunch. Overall it was a great lunch experience, and as long as I am in NY, I will definitely visit Minar again.

Monk’s Pub

205 W Lake St
Chicago, IL 60606-1803

Monk’s was selected by a co-worker to visit for a lunch. The menu is basically burgers, with a couple of salads and other random extras. This place is definitely a lunch hot spot, but we were seated immediately, which surprised me since we showed up in a group of 6 and the place was packed. They have a nice selection of burgers, each which come with lettuce tomatoes and onions (grilled or raw) and of course fries. I ordered the mushroom burger medium, and this was out pretty quick and tasted pretty good as well. Unfortunately since, I was there for lunch I was unable to sample their beers, maybe next time. If you are in the loop and looking for a sit-down lunch, this might be the place for you.

Duffy’s Tavern

420½ W. Diversey
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773.549.9090

Looking for a weeknight bar?
Want to watch some sports?
Listen to the latest music?
Listen to a live band?
Grab some food?
Get affordable drinks?
Don’t want to be the only person sitting at the bar?

If you answered yes to all or any of those questions then Duffy’s is your place. Duffy’s was a Wednesday night spot for me, so keep in mind I have no idea how the place is on weekends, but I can only imagine it is better. They have an extremely friendly staff, a decent menu of food, and great drink specials. In addition they were always packed. I have only been there a hand full of times, and ordered the wings which were pretty good; on one occasion. Well that is all I have eaten there, but like I said the menu looks decent. Some of the specials encountered are $1 Bud Lights, 2 for 1 Drop Shots (JagerBombs, Irish Car Bombs). I have a bill from this place 14 Bud Lights @ $1 each total $14! Duffy’s is a spot; I could count on for a great night out.

Chicago Chop House

60 West Ontario
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Phone: (312) 787-7100

Chicago is known for its steak houses, and after reading many reviews I felt it was time to check out the steak house which has some of the best reviews. Chicago Chop House is an upscale establishment, so if you visit you will want to look neat to at least fit in with the crowd. Their menu highlights their New York Strip as voted the best in Chicago. With that said I decided to have the 16oz New York Strip Medium, which is slightly over $30. Well as for the steak itself, I have to say this, I was not overly impressed. I have been to many different steak houses and Chicago Chop House just doesn’t sit up there with the savory steaks that makes you salivate weeks after you have eaten it. Finally I must say this much, reading all the rave reviews, maybe it was an off night, so I would suggest going (with an open mind) to form your own opinion.