Sac’s Pizza Place

2541 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106
Phone: (718) 204-5002

The big question in New York has been, where do you get the best pizza? Well I am not going to say Sac’s is the best, but I will say it should be on your list of Pizza to check out in New York. That the trip out of Manhattan and into Astoria, Queen; you will be quiet pleased. Sac’s is my favorite place to order pizza when I am actually at home. Their pizza is thin with a soft crust. My usual is the portabella mushroom pizza. Unfortunately, I have not ordered anything else, so I can not comment on their full menu, but their Pizza is their claim to fame. If you are around Astoria you definitely need to give this place a try.

Ben Pao

52 W. Illinois
Chicago, Il, 60610

Tonight I visited Ben Pao for the second time. I can definitely say this place is consistently great with their quality of food. Since the people I dined with did all the ordering, I am actually unsure as to what exactly was ordered, but it all tasted great. Their appetizers were amazing and the dishes were not spicy but extremely flavorful. All the dishes are served family style, and if you have a large enough crowd you can find yourself on a table with a Lazy Susan (is that what it’s called?). If you are as immature as I am, you can have a lot of fun messing with people as they attempt to get their food. In addition the menu is affordable with each dish ranging from $10 – $20. There is also a list of signature cocktails. I definitely recommend this place if you are looking for Chinese food around the River North area.

Dao Thai

230 E Ohio
Chicago, IL, 60611

Tonight I decided venture out to a Thai place I found on the IDine (RewardsNetwork) Website. As I entered I appreciated the appearance as it was something different. They have an interesting setup for seating which I wish I could describe it in writing but ehh, it is difficult to put into words. For the meal I ordered the Chicken and Beef Satay appetizer and Chicken Pad Ped (Hot Fried Curry Chicken). It was at this moment the horrible service began. The waitress that took the order came out with a tray of food and asked ME what I had ordered. My appetizer was not even out but she was trying to push off the main meal on me. The food itself was bland for Thai food and didn’t spark any interest to me at all. The horrible service continued through the meal. They never offered me another beer, not like I REALLY needed nor wanted one but hey it never hurts to ask. Finally when I got my check the waitress forgot to give me a pen to sign the bill! If you can I say avoid it, go to the Burrito Beach at the Corner or if you are looking for a good meal check out Emilio’s Tapas which is across the street. I will review Emilio’s later.

Smokey’s 11101 (CLOSED)

5-16 51st Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

Located in Long Island City, Smokey’s 11101 is the only good place in Queens I have found for BBQ. This place is never packed, and I have been there on weeknights and weekend nights. Hopefully this place sticks around since their food is great. The ribs are meaty and juicy, and as any good BBQ place their meals are definitely filling. Most entrees are served with a salad, beans and potatoes. For the salad they have an Asian Ginger dressing which is a personal favorite of mine. Just as I like it, the staff here is very friendly, I have even had the manager come to my table almost every time I have dined there to check on how my meal is. I live not to far from this place, so when I get the crave for BBQ, this is the place to go, and to top it all off Smokey’s participates in RewardsNetworks, which means miles!

Hampton Chutney Co.

464 Amsterdam Ave, 82nd St.
New York, NY

First off, I want to start by saying that there are 3 locations for Hampton Chutney Co., I listed the Upper West Side location because I wanted to give some love to the Upper West Side. Hampton Chutney Co. predominantly sells Dosa and Uttapas (South India Food). I personally enjoy their dosas because it is not greasy like a traditional dosa, and they have an interesting variety of dosas. If you are looking for your typical masala dosa with samber this is definitely not your spot. Granted you will still find it here. Every dosa is served with one of their chutneys, Cilantro, Curry, Mango, Tomato, Peanut or Pumpkin. I have eaten at both the SOHO and West Side location and both have been identical in their excellent quality. Visit their website to get their SOHO or Hampton location as well as read their history.


One West Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610

The draw to Rockbottom for me, was their beer selection. They are also a brewery so you can expect some of the freshest beers. Another draw was the Mug Club, hey they reward me for drinking beer, it’s no miles, but will do! Well besides the beer they do have food as well. As it has been a while since I actually visited Rockbottom, I can not remember the details of what I ordered, but here are what I can remember of the top of my head. Forgive me, an excessive intake of beer was always coupled with my meals. I have had their wings, which worked as a meal and I remember having the steak once, which I was not to thrilled with. You know for the history Chicago has with steaks, I was upset. Next time I am in the windy city, I will visit Rockbottom, but most likely for the beers and not the food, unless its wings.